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Nurturing connections.

Personal customer care
tailor-made for aspirational brands. 

Curating experiences.

Cultivating sustainability.

The heart of a brand is the service it shows its customers. Without service, there is no experience. Without experience, there is no relationship.

We create unrivalled online customer care solutions, tailored for our global clientele, built on our extensive experience, fearless ambition and uncompromising standards.


We work with a limited number of clients, delivering premium multi-lingual customer care and guidance on their customer experience strategy as well as access to exclusive resources from leading customer experience experts.

Our work with clients is curated to their exacting standards and our team is handpicked and matched to our clients personality and ambitions.

Using a blend of heritage and modern methods, we are considered experts in curating elevated online customer experiences.

Over 90% of our clients come to us from recommendations.


Create a CX playbook for your brand to support your digital strategy from the minds that have delivered outstanding results for brands including Selfridges, Zegna, Reiss and Bugaboo

CX Playbook

Our team, meticulously matched to your brand's personality, ensures a seamless and warm experience for your customers. With a focus on personalisation, we deliver premium service that aligns with your brand's values.

Our customer care can be tiered according to your clients needs and value to your brand.

Customer Care

Transform customer interactions into personalised experiences. We go beyond traditional customer relationships, creating meaningful connections that reflect your brand's culture. Our experts blend heritage and modern methods to curate tailored interactions that leave a lasting impression on your clientele.


Experience unparalleled attention to detail. We understand the unique needs of aspirational brands and provide proactive and anticipatory support. Our hyper-care approach ensures that every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to enhance their connection with your brand.


We help brands elevate their online shopping experience offering a personalised and efficient assistance to your customers. From product inquiries to exclusive recommendations, our virtual concierge service reflects the epitome of sophistication and attention.

Virtual Concierge

We provide in-depth analytics and insights into customer interactions, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your customer experience strategy. Our measurement tools ensure continuous refinement, guaranteeing that your brand's service always meets the highest standards.




We were founded by 2 business owners who have been suppliers to premium brands such as Harley Davidson, Ermengildo Zegna, Selfridges, Karen Millen, Reiss and Jaguar Landrover, as well as digital unicorns such as ASOS, Spotify and Atom Bank and start ups  including Cult Beauty, DFYNE and Laced.

We understood the need for aspirational brands to bring a more personal, concierge style service to their online customer that is not the cut and past model of high volume outsourcing companies.


Brands who work with us benefit from a depth in customer experience expertise that is beyond in-house or generic outsourcing companies and a solution that is handcrafted for their business and flexible to change with their future.


  • Our commitment to precision ensures services finely tuned for aspirational brands, surpassing industry standards with meticulous attention.

  • Our solutions are built to absorb changing needs from clients, ensuring cost security for our clients over the long term.

  • Our investment in talent ensures a stable workforce with an attrition that is half that of a traditional outsourcer or in-house team.

  • We are committed to sustainable principles and creating social value from our business, encouraging similar practices from our suppliers and clients. Our carbon footprint is consistently lower than an office based model.

  • Setting the standard for excellence, we invest in top-tier talent and deliver a level of service unmatched in the industry, making us the uncompromising choice for luxury customer care outsourcing.


Create a fresh customer care strategy and operating model that will be adopted by the business and markets can adapt, without compromising brand consistency.

An exploration to discover service needs and preferences from customers in and out of the brand. Evaluation of service assets (people, data, technology).  Operating model that focussed on consistently achieving basics, with a playbook to enable brands to adapt preferences.



All objectives achieved.

Customer Care Strategy

Global luxury department store

Every customer is updated before they need to make contact.

Using a mixture of AI and highly trained agents, we designed a sophisticated proactive outreach solution for a premium beauty retailer to ensure customers were contacted as soon as there was an issue.


Increased customer satisfaction and reduction in cost.

Anticipatory Experience

Worldwide cosmetic brand

Contact consumers who scored low, to learn about problems.

Analysis to diagnose problems across consumer segments.  Treatment plans designed for each segment, including the approach to contact and messaging. Agents trained to coach customers, obtain insights and move customers out of detractor zone.

Actionable insights, excellent feedback and increased NPS.

NPS Detractor Experience

Luxury fashion house

Manage sensitive situations


More than 52% of customers who experience an issue, will become more loyal if how the issue is handed exceeds their expectations. Using customer insight, technology and highly trained agents, we provided an outreach service to unhappy customers to convert their loyalty back to the brand.

We worked to have a consistent yet personalised strategy for recovering customer loyalty and managing their complaints.


Improved loyalty and repeat purchase.

Service Recovery

Premium online marketplace

Create a hyper-personal online service experience for top tier customers that could align with store.

A personalised landing page for each top client to welcome each client to their online store.  Dedicated WhatsApp channel, available to them 24/7 to make requests and communicate. Delivery and returns service where we take care of everything. A surprise and delight programme based on their preferences and habits.


Targeted insights and increased sales in customer segment.

VIP Loyalty

Online retailer

Create efficiencies in customer care without reducing customer satisfaction.

Evaluation of customer care operation and contact drivers as well as an analysis on the investment in technology. Roadmap of improvements, delivered on time and in budget.


Cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction.

Elegant Efficiency

UK homeware retailer

Deliver an improved associate contact centre experience and training to improve quality.

Onboarding redesigned to be more immersive and customer centric. Employees trained on 'omotenashi' and customer coaching to ensure highest quality of delivery. Employee experience programme delivered to connect people with purpose.


Increased quality scores and lower attrition.

Employee Experience

Global parental product retailer

Case Studies


"você e ótimo!!! Muito obrigado. You are the best. I appreciate all of your help. You definitely reflect the label."


"Thank you for your thoughtful follow-up. I wanted to write to express my appreciation. Your proactive approach and attention to customer satisfaction is truly commendable."

United Kingdom

"I'm unspeakably grateful for your professional help and understanding. Your service is truly outstanding."


"Due to your excellent support, my husband now considers shopping with you online. Your company is lucky to have you."


"Thank you for all your help. You have made my bad experience much better and saved your company from losing a customer."

Customer experience served with care and attention.

Start your journey in building a customer care experience that truly meets your brands aspirations by booking a complimentary exploratory session with our team.

Explore with us.

Luxury fashion models
Luxury fashion models
Luxury experience material in the sun

A key benefit for our Clients is complimentary access to the Neos Collective.


The Neos Collective provides access to curated resources, masterclasses and connection opportunities from some of the best minds in experience management, technology, business and sustainability.


The Collective

Luxury business fashion model

CRM Director

"What I really appreciate is the willingness of the team to put the client relationship over a single project"


"A truly flexible partner with a wealth of experience. It's like an extension of my team"

CX Manager

"I've learned so much already. It's not just a service; it's a gateway that has  undoubtedly elevated my  professional journey."


"I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional experience I've had. The access to the Neos Collective has been a game-changer for me."


"My  partnership has been nothing short of transformative. The Collective goes above and beyond to provide a holistic and enriching experience which I am grateful to be a part of it."

Elevate your knowledge and connections.

Apply to join the

Neos Collective

Message us and start your journey in offering your customers a premium customer care service that matches your brand aspirations.

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